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I saw my first daylight on April and was rasied up in VietNam. I studied Graphic and Web Design in Minneapolis Community and Technical College because that was the closest thing to Illustrator Design, and ended up with a degree. After working few years in printing industry, I made my choice to go back to school for learning 3D printing, 3D graphic, robotics at Dunwoody College, earned Engineering Drafting & Design Degree.

I love spending my free time with my family, cooking new dishes, collecting and drinking artisan teas, trying new restaurants in MPLS, and traveling around the world. One of my mantras in life is to push myself to limits in both life and career goals, but I make sure not to forget to take it slow. I am in my late 20s, perhaps the most fun times in my life. I try to enjoy while I can but I still yearns for expanding my horizon in the field of computer graphic.


Graphic Design

Adobe Illustrator/ Adobe Photoshop/ Adobe InDesign/ Adobe Flash/ Microsoft Office/ Power Point.

Web Design

DreamWeaver/ HTML5/CSS /JQuery/ Javascript/ PHP

Drafting Engineer

SolidWorks/ Creo/ GrabCAD/ GD&T/ Blueprint Reading/ Stratasys 3D Print/ Set-up Milling.

I got 99 Problemsbut design 'aint one

  • Portfolio Item

    Frozen Yogurt Packaging

    Yo is a frozen yogurt product with a large target audience of kids. I used strong illustration and hints of colour to distinguish flavours. Each pyramid contains six small pyramid boxes, one in each flavour.

    Portfolio Item

    Takashi Murakami
    Colour of Life

    Takashi Murakami is an internationally prolific contemporary Japanese artist. To challenge myself, I drew an illustration of a Japanese city-scape for the brochure, calendars and the poster to describe my admiration for him.

    Portfolio Item

    Bobiam Artistic Streetwear
    MPLS Internship

    Vectoring, rebuilding and interpreting originally art work made by the youth artists ages eighteen and younger; and preparing art for productions (screen print and sublimation) as apparel for men, women and children, phone cover and coffee mug.

  • Portfolio Item


    Web design for president's site, which provides information about info of United State's presidents. View.

    Portfolio Item

    KimAnh Restaurant

    Web design for KimAnh restaurant, which provides information about Vietnamese food and menu online. A warm & friendly design with a unique illustration.


    Portfolio Item

    Mandarin Restaurant

    Online Website for Chinese/ Vietnamese restaurant located in Brooklyn Park-MN.


  • Portfolio Item

    Bridge Project

    We're team of 2 who develop a project based on the criteria provided for a Bridge: Design, Build, and Destructive Testing.
    Document the design in a SolidWorks model. Build a prototype for the Destructive Testing part of the project.

    Portfolio Item

    Perfect Putter Design

    We were working in teams of 2 to design a new putter for Dunwoody Goft Company. We had chance to explore moment of inertia, Moi, and how it affects a putter's action when striking the ball. We used the swing weight scale and the putter's length to determine the approximate head weights that will be needed for the design. In our design, we came up with a solution to meet varying head weight requirements.

    Portfolio Item

    Capstone Project

    We were team of 5 had chance to design and build a working prototype for a new electric bicycle.
    We were inspired by Scooby Doo's mystery Machine. We really wanted to shoot for a 70's look like cafe' racer and Tron bike, flowers. We used metal welded frame, fiberglass, steel rods, pvc pipe, cardboard, and pink foam.


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